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200 Words a Day On my own behalf

Aspirations of a young writer

I've tried to write and publish consistently for a few times already. I failed every time.

When I was seventeen years old I co-founded a print magazine at my high school, together with some friends. That must have been in 1999. I enjoyed both the writing itself and seeing my musings published – out there for everyone to read. One of my articles was about my fierce and unstoppable love for skateboarding. I typed the piece with one hand after I had just broken my other hand for the second time and I never picked up skating again after the article was published.

Fast forward to university. While mastering in political science I co-founded yet another magazine. Again, a print magazine, which seems pretty backward-thinking and archaic for the time we started it, as it was the year 2008 already. We could and should have made it an online platform but instead of we had to beg around to get the funding for the print run of maybe 500 copies. While it certainly was a great feeling to see my words printed on nice paper, in a professional layout – we had a hard time getting rid of those 500 copies. We were giving them away for free, by the way.

I have started quite a few attempts to pick up a writing habit since then, starting some personal blogs here and there – but all of them died down pretty quickly. I don’t want to get too optimistic about this attempt right here but it’s the beginning of the year and – now I can finally become the great writer I always wanted to be! Next stop: the Pulitzer Prize!

Just kidding – let’s just write some words, every day.

This post was first published under the scope of a challenge asking participants to write 200 words a day, later turned into the platform “The Co-Writers”. I did not last very long.

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