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iubenda Cookie Solution plugin: Moving the dashboard menu item under “Settings”

The hype around the new EU-wide privacy regulation GDPR is huge and service providers with a privacy focus must be raking in that cash. One of those service providers is iubenda (referral link) who not only offer a privacy policy generator but also a inter-twined cookie banner solution.

This cookie banner can be added to WordPress websites with an official plugin. After installing the plugin website owners have to find out that the plugin clutters the WP dashboard by claiming yet another top-level menu position. This seems pretty unecessary for a plugin which requires settings only to be set once. I asked iubenda’s support to consider moving it to the “Settings” menu or elsewhere but this was declined with reference to “non-savvy WP users” who would have trouble finding the page.

Well, let’s just do it ourselves then – by adding the following code to your own little custom functionality plugin (or, less advised, to the functions.php of your child theme):

And that was that.

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